Part 2: How can adhesion lead to pain?

Part 2 of 3: click here for part 1 In part one, we covered how adhesions form, but how can adhesion lead to all of the following problems? Neck pain Low back pain Disc injuries Carpal tunnel Tennis elbow Golfers elbow Headaches Plantar Fasciitis Adhesions can create abnormal movement of a joint resulting in pain. The easiest […]

What are adhesions and how are they limiting you?

There are two main pathways for adhesion formation:

Acute conditions, such as pulls and tears. This requires actual trauma and the body repairs the damaged tissue with adhesions. This is more commonly called scar tissue.
Hypoxia (low oxygen) pathway is the most common generator of adhesion in muscle. This will occur without you knowing it and can occur from repetitive motions or from standing or sitting in sustained postures. If a muscle doesn’t get adequate oxygen it will trigger adhesion formation.