Are You Ready for the Running Season?

In the northeast many runners cross-train over the winter.  This is a good time to recover from injuries, strengthen weak areas, and get ready for the next season.  But how do you know if you are ready for the running season?  Two simple tests below will give you a quick insight into the health status […]

Sports Injuries: Consequences of Pushing Through the Pain

An article from the New York Times titled, “Sport Injures: When to Tough It Out“, recently caught my attention.  The main point of the article was to answer the question of whether you should go to the doctor or tough it out?  A quote from one of the doctors in the article is below: “I […]

Knee Surgery May Not Be The Answer

A recent article in the NY times (Common Knee Surgery Does Very Little for Some, Study Suggests) suggests that many people may be undergoing unnecessary knee surgery. The studies they referenced in the article showed that people undergoing knee surgery for degeneration did no better than people that underwent sham surgery, physical therapy, or who […]

The Gift of Pain

Why is pain a gift? Pain is the bodies warning system that something is wrong.  If we didn’t have pain, we would slowly destroy our bodies and not even know it. Unfortunately, we are trained to cover up pain.  Americans consume billions of dollars of pain medicine every year.  Pain medicine allows us to function […]

Triathlon Training and Recovery

One of the most crucial pieces left out of a beginner’s triathlon training program is recovery. If you don’t allow your body to recover, then overtraining can occur.  Training for a triathlon can put a lot of stress on your body because you have to train for 3 sports at once.  Learning to balance swimming, […]

No Pain, No Gain…Right?

Have you ever heard the saying, no pain, no gain?  This saying can be a good thing or a really bad thing.  For example, if a triathlete starts swimming after a long break, it is probably going to be a painful experience for the first few workouts.  It’s hard to get oxygen, your arms are […]

Spinal Decompression with No Machine?

The goal of spinal decompression is to take the load off of the discs in your low back or neck. This can help take away neck pain, low back pain, and numbness/tingling in your hands and feet.  At Phipps Soft Tissue and Spine, we treat the adhesion to naturally decompress the spine.  Muscles that crosses a joint […]

Can You Really “Work Through” the Pain?

The short answer is maybe, but eventually it will catch up with you.  I have many patients that come in and say they can usually work through the pain but this time it will not go away.  This response indicates to me that they never actually worked through the pain.  Their body compensated by loading […]

Can Foam Rolling Remove Adhesion?

Foam rolling is a great way to warm up before exercise, but it will never remove adhesion. I am a big fan of foam rolling as a warm up.  It will warm up your muscles and prepare them for exercise.  However, you should never use foam rolling as a method of relieving pain or improving range of motion. […]

To Brace or Not To Brace For Impact?

Now that you understand 5 quick tips to reduce injury during a car accident, what do you do if you look in your review mirror and you see another vehicle clearly not planning on stopping?  Should you brace for impact, tensing all of your muscles, or should you try to be as relaxed as possible?  Research shows […]