Shin Splints

Leg pain is a very general term but two of the more common types are shin splints and calf pain. The muscles in the front and back of the leg can easily become overloaded with standing, walking, or running.  The muscles will accumulate adhesion which acts like glue.  This will decrease the strength and length of the muscles and will lead to pain.  While we treat the involved muscles, we examine the foot, ankle, knee and hips to try and find the root cause. Without removing the root cause, the patient will most likely experience similar issues down the road. Muscle adhesion is the most common source of pain and stiffness and the most underdiagnosed. Dr. Phipps is a level 5 Integrative Diagnosis provider and an expert at diagnosing and treating adhesions. He is able to localize and break down adhesions using his hands. Reducing the adhesions will restore normal strength, flexibility, and movement, eliminating pain and improving the performance of the muscle.


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Integrative Diagnosis

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