Low Back Pain

Have you…

Had pain for 3+ months?
Visited other providers with no resolution?
Been labeled with disc herniation, disc bulge, sciatica or pinched nerve?

Let’s get you back to normal life.

Low Back Pain Overview

Your lower back, or lumbar region, is the area on your back starting below your ribcage. Pain can vary from an ache to a stabbing sensation and may make it hard to move or stand up.

Acute back pain occurs suddenly and may happen during physical activity such as sports or heavy lifting.

If your back pain lasts longer than 3 months, that is considered chronic. It is recommended that you reach out to a doctor and set up a consultation.

Spine illustration showing low back pain

Causes of Lower Back Pain Can Include:

  • Muscle strains or sciatica
  • Day to day activities at your job such as lifting, pulling and slouching at a desk
  • A heavy bag
  • Physical activities/work outs
  • Bad posture
  • Herniated disk
  • Other Chronic Conditions

Low Back Pain Treatment*

Treatment options to relieve low back pain like rest, ice and pain medication may work for minor tweaks. But if you’ve been experiencing back pain for over three months, we can eliminate your uncertainty by setting you up with a consultation. This consultation is a short visit with the doctor to determine if you are in the right place and would benefit from his care. Dr. Phipps always keeps consultation times available for new patients, so you won’t have to delay your back pain relief any longer.

About Dr. Phipps – Soft Tissue Specialist

  • Dr. Phipps graduated 1st in his class and is an expert at diagnosis and treatment of low back pain.
  • With over 10+ years of experience, Dr. Phipps has witnessed many labels given to low back pain and self-diagnosing your condition or relying on ineffective treatments such as stretching, exercises, foam rolling, and massage will only delay the appropriate treatment that you actually need and make your condition worse.

Low Back Pain Resolved after 12 Years of Pain – Brian

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*Please note that every patient is different. These tips and guides are for educational purposes only, and do not substitute for medical advice. Please consult with a medical or healthcare provider, such as Dr. Phipps, for specific diagnosis and treatment advice.