Sit-Slide-Lean to Avoid Back Pain

Sit-Slide-Lean is the mantra that you should repeat every time that you sit.

Sit down, slide your butt all the way back, then lean back and relax.

This will put you in optimal position without activating your postural muscles, allowing you to sit in a safe position without falling into a flexed our slouched posture. Sitting in this position will decrease compression in your low back and decrease low back pain.

Two of the most common mistakes that occur with sitting are:

1. Not Sliding all the way back.

Failure to slide all the way back will result in flexion in the lower segments of your low back especially at L4-L5 and L5-S1 (Two of the most common discs to degenerate and cause pain).  Sitting in a flexed position will accelerate degeneration and increase pain.

2. Not leaning back and relaxing.

Failure to lean back and relax will cause your postural muscles to contract to maintain your position. Excessive contraction will quickly lead to fatigue and more compression through your spine causing pain.

Make sure you always sit-slide-lean but it is also important to get out of your chair every 20 minutes (even if its only for a few seconds) and go for short walks around the office every hour.