IT Band Tendonitis

The IT band is a structure that originates in your hip and travels down the side of your leg across the knee. If your knee pain is located on the outside of your knee and it feels like something is rubbing every time you walk or run, you may have IT band tendonitis. The IT band helps stabilize the knee and may be overused if other structures are not working correctly.  Adhesion in any muscle crossing the knee can be the cause of IT band tendonitis. We examine every structure that crosses the knee to determine the cause of your pain. Muscle adhesion is the most common source of pain and stiffness and the most underdiagnosed. Dr. Phipps is a level 5 Integrative Diagnosis provider and an expert at diagnosing and treating adhesions. He is able to localize and break down adhesions using his hands. Reducing the adhesions will restore normal strength, flexibility, and movement, eliminating pain and improving the performance of the muscle.


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