Long-term Pain Options

Soft Tissue Therapy can be more comfortable than surgery as a solution to long-term pain.

If you’ve been experiencing pain that impacts your life longer than three months, you’re probably seeking more than a short-term solution. Surgery might be an option, but it’s always a good idea to explore your options before scheduling an invasive procedure*. With the correct treatment regimen, it is possible to live a pain-free life.

A Long-term Solution to Pain Relief

At Phipps Soft Tissue & Spine, we’ve provided countless patients with an alternative to surgery. Dr. Phipps is a board-certified chiropractor and level-5 Integrative Diagnosis provider. Dr. Phipps is an expert at diagnosing and treating muscle fibrosis, the most common and under-diagnosed source of pain. He has helped many people find relief with pain in their neck, lower back, shoulder, elbow, foot, hip, and other areas of the body.

Pain comes in many different forms. You might be experiencing uncomfortable knots, throbbing back pain, tightness in your shoulder, or more serious pain that makes it very difficult to perform daily tasks. There is no “one-size-fits-all” answer to how long back pain can last, but if you’re experiencing extreme discomfort in any part of your body for more than a few days, it makes sense to seek treatment.

What is a Soft Tissue Specialist?

We’re often asked, “What is a soft tissue chiropractor?” Phipps Soft Tissue and Spine specializes in treating the areas of the body considered “soft tissue.” Those areas are body parts that are not hard like bone, such as levels of muscle, tendons, ligaments, nerves and blood vessels, and skin. A Soft Tissue Specialist is different from a chiropractor or a massage therapist because of the types of treatments used. Dr. Phipps can walk you through the process and answer any questions you might have.

Finding an Alternative to Surgery

Always speak with your physician to understand what types of treatment would work best for you. The prospect of surgery can be scary, and we work with many people who have apprehension about any kind of pain treatment plan. If you’re seeking an alternative to surgery, schedule a consultation with Phipps Soft Tissue and Spine. We’ll be happy to put your mind at ease and get you started on a life without chronic pain.

*Please note every patient is different. The content and tips displayed on this page are for educational purposes only and do not substitute for medical advice. Please consult with a medical or healthcare provider for specific diagnosis and treatment advice.