Knee Surgery May Not Be The Answer

A recent article in the NY times (Common Knee Surgery Does Very Little for Some, Study Suggests) suggests that many people may be undergoing unnecessary knee surgery.

The studies they referenced in the article showed that people undergoing knee surgery for degeneration did no better than people that underwent sham surgery, physical therapy, or who took medication.  This research suggests that jumping into surgery may not be the answer and it is costing our healthcare system billions of dollars.

Meniscus (shock absorbing cartilage in the knee) tears are very common.  They can occur from trauma or degeneration.   The degenerative type occur without trauma and accumulate from the stress and strain of life.  MRI’s allow us to visualize degenerative changes in the mensicus which have many doctors rushing to surgery.  The research is showing that we shouldn’t be so quick to rush into surgery in these cases.

If you have knee pain or have an MRI showing degenerative changes in the mensicus or other tissue, then conservative care should be your first priority.  Adhesions can accumulate in the tissue surrounding the knee.  This can occur without any previous history of trauma.  Adhesions will act like glue and not allow the knee to move properly.  To see if you have limitations in your knee.  Perform the test pictured below.

If you cannot get your heel to your butt or you experience tightness, discomfort, or pain then this is a positive test. Adhesion can be the cause of this positive test.  If this test is positive or you are experiencing knee pain, then call our office to make an appointment.  At Phipps Soft Tissue and Spine, we provide non invasive hands-on treatment to break down adhesions. This will allow the joint to function properly and decrease pain.

This research confirms that it is usually wise to start with conservative care and move to more invasive treatments if necessary.  Removing the adhesions with non invasive hands-on treatment is the first step.  To get started click the button below.

*Please note that every patient is different. The content and tips displayed on this page are for educational purposes only, and do not substitute for medical advice. Please consult with a medical or healthcare provider, such as Dr. Phipps, for specific diagnosis and treatment advice.
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