Integrative Diagnosis – Muscle, Nerve & Joint Problems

Integrative Diagnosis is your fast track to clinical excellence and practice success. This is a cutting-edge educational and certification program for healthcare providers that specialize in the diagnosis and conservative treatment of muscle, nerve, and joint problems. 

What makes Integrative Diagnosis unique?

Diagnosis: The ID system shows you how to establish a diagnosis that includes the exact tissue and pathology responsible for your patient’s problem. After all, you can’t make lasting change or have excited patients if you don’t know what is really wrong. Symptom charts and guesswork don’t cut it!

Treatment: Expert conservative care includes three equally important categories: Manual Therapy, Exercise and Load Management. If you are not really, really good at all three, your results and practice are suffering. Most providers are too focused on manual therapy. Are you?

Communication: Even with amazing clinical skill, you need to be an effective communicator. Patients need to know what is wrong, how you will help, what they need to do and why it’s important. This is an extremely undervalued art: Be accurate, be concise, be compelling.


In 2010 Dr. Phipps began his post-doctorate training in the diagnosis and conservative treatment of muscle, nerve and joint problems through the Integrative Diagnosis system.

He is a full body certified Integrative Diagnosis provider (Low back & hips, neck & back, upper extremity, and lower extremity).

The Gift of Pain

Why is pain a gift?

Pain is the bodies warning system that something is wrong.  If we didn’t have pain, we would slowly destroy our bodies and not even know it.

Unfortunately, we are trained to cover up pain.  Americans consume billions of dollars of pain medicine every year.  Pain medicine allows us to function when we shouldn’t.  It seems like the answer to shoulder, knee, back, elbow, neck, and foot pain is ibuprofen or some other type of pain medicine.  This may help in the short term but it sets you up for disaster down the road.  Many times pain medicine will allow you to irritated the bad tissue until it tears.  This may be why we see such a large number of rotator cuff tears and disc herniations.

Rest, ice, or pain medicine is not the answer to reducing your pain.  Muscle adhesion is the most common source of pain and stiffness and the most underdiagnosed. To determine the cause of your pain, click the button below to schedule an appointment.

*Please note that every patient is different. The content and tips displayed on this page are for educational purposes only, and do not substitute for medical advice. Please consult with a medical or healthcare provider, such as Dr. Phipps, for specific diagnosis and treatment advice.
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