Tennis Elbow

Have you…

Had pain for 3+ months?
Visited other providers with no resolution?
Been labeled with tennis elbow, adhesion, tendonitis or golfer’s elbow?

Let’s get you back to normal life.

  • Dr. Phipps graduated 1st in his class and is an expert at diagnosis and treatment of elbow pain.
  • With over 10+ years of experience, Dr. Phipps has witnessed many labels given to elbow pain and tennis elbow. Self-diagnosing your condition or relying on ineffective treatments such as stretching, exercises and massage will only delay the appropriate treatment you need and make your condition worse.

At-Home Tennis Elbow Screen


Elbow, Forearm & Hand Mobility Screen

  1. Place forearm on wall.
  2. Put all 4 fingers and wrist into extension.
  3. Don’t use excessive force.
  • 65° of finger extension (while maintaining wrist extension)
  • Pain free and easy
  • Minimal Stretching
  • Less than 65° of finger extension (shaded red area on image)
  • Pain, pinching, or significant stretching

If you failed this screen, click below to sign up for a consultation to get rid of your elbow pain for good.

Brief Example of Treatment

Williamsville, New York

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