Achilles Tendonitis

Achilles tendonitis is the diagnosis that many people are commonly given when they have a sore and/or swollen achilles tendon.  This can be misleading because the suffix -itis implies that inflammation is the cause of the pain and will guide you toward the wrong treatment methods like ice and anti-inflammatory type treatments. A majority of achilles pain isn’t caused from an inflamed tendon but rather a degenerated tendon. Treatment for a degenerated tendon is completely different and highlights the importance of a proper diagnosis from the start. The achilles tendon will degenerate when your load is too high and it can’t keep up with the demand. The tendon will gradually get more painful and swollen as it continue to degenerate. The end stage of a degenerated tendon is tearing and then complete rupture.

Muscle adhesion will increase the load and stress on the achilles tendon and accelerate the degenerative process. Adhesion is fixable with expert treatment from a specialist and needs to be treated first. Additional steps are taken to accelerate the healing process but can only be done once the adhesion has been broken down. Receiving the correct diagnosis and treatment will allow your tendon to regenerate so you can get back to doing what you love for a long time.

Dr. Phipps is a soft tissue specialist and has the skills and knowledge to properly diagnose and treat your achilles pain.


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